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The Foggy Goggle Boys originally came together in 2011 as three guitar players (Gord LePage, Ian Johnston and Brian Taylor) who wanted to perform for an open mic night. At that point we were three “musicians” with next to no experience performing, so we enlisted Jonathan Provencal (our drummer now) to play mandolin for a handful of cover songs that we had put together. 

Jon had a ton of stage experience, most notably with Kootenay band The Toques, which was exactly what we needed.  Right from that first 15 minute performance we were hooked! In order to give us a more varied sound, Brian learned how to play the mandolin, and Jonathan moved to percussion full time. We played a few performances with this orientation, learning more cover songs and figuring out how to perform on stage.

Foggy Goggle Boys group shot

One day at practice we floated the idea of putting some original songs into the mix, since we had a few kicking around that had only been performed for our friends and families. We have moved largely in that direction for the last two years, and have written and arranged nearly twenty songs in that time that are now the staples of our show. As we grew, it became apparent that we were in need of another body in the band, and Dale Green joined as our bass player in 2013.

Dale’s classical music training and experience has really helped shape the way we practice, arrange and perform both our original songs and the remaining cover songs we have in the mix. Our bluegrass inspired folk and rock tunes take inspiration from the mountains, rivers and forests that we play in throughout western Canada. The band has songs that range from introspective and melodic to heavy, driving, foot stomping tunes that will get any crowd up and dancing!

 Brian Taylor - Foggy Goggle Boy  
 Jonathan Provencal - Jon bonham de neige  
Dale Green - Foggy Goggle Boys     Gord Lepage - Foggy Goggle Boys  
Ian Johnston   
  Brian Taylor (bt) grew up playing music with his father at family get-togethers and other social occasions in Southern Ontario. Music proved to be a major influence in his life during his elementary and high school years, singing in Rotary Music Festivals, acting in several musicals and playing clarinet, saxophone and oboe in concert and jazz bands. Currently he teaches music, drama and PE at the elementary school level.  BT plays mandolin, guitar, harmonica and penny whistle as well as singing and song writing with the FGBs. 
    Jonathan Provencal (JP bohomme de neige) spent 6 year as director of The Blizzard Music Festival in Rossland, booking and promoting bands from across the country.  He is also one of the original founders and a director of The Rossland Film Festival which runs for one weekend each November. As a performer,  Jon spent 10 years touring Canada with local folk rockers The Tuques as their mandolin player. Jon plays percussion and plays a major role in arranging songs with the FGBs.      Dale Green (Eye Candy) started studying music at the age of 3, encouraged and taught by his mother who is a full time piano teacher and Royal Conservatory Associate of Music. He studied music at the University of Alberta in the 80's as a performance horn major, and then later, Computer Science, which is now his career. He remains a passionate amateur horn player and gigs regularly with the Rossland Light Opera Players Orchestra, the Symphony of the Kootenays, and pretty well anyone else who needs a hired gun horn. Dale joined forces with the Foggy Goggle Boys in the winter of 2013, originally on bass, but he now doubles on pennywhistle, horn now and then, and even the odd smattering of backup vocals. And, according to Dale, he certainly is NOT the eye candy.      Gord LePage  (The Boss) has been playing the guitar since he was in high school, and in those years played alongside John Redekop who was one of the founding members of the Vancouver country band Alibi. Gord was the original brains behind the Foggy Goggle Boys, bringing us all together for our first “performance” at Rafter’s Bar open mic night. In addition to rhythm guitar, Gord is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter with the FGBs.    Ian Johnston (IJ) honed his musical chops around campfires and on the basements and byways of the Vancouver area. Always with the 12-string and helping with the vocals, IJ falls sadly short of the coveted “Eye-Candy” title. IJ aspires to one day to get BT back for the interesting bio that he wrote… someday, oh yes, someday…  

Foggy Goggle Boys
Box 482, Rossland BC Canada V0G1Y0

Phone: (250) 362-3393 

Foggy Goggle Boys at Rafters, Red Mountain BC Jan. 2016
Photo: Ryan Flett Media

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